What did I say?

I knew there was a connection between World of Warcraft and libraries, and now here's my proof: Minabelle's Library, a collection of literary works from Azeroth. There is even a card catalog, though with such a small collection a simple alphabetical arrangement is sufficient. The "librarian on duty" even offers research and interlibrary loan assistance (though perhaps a proof reader would be helpful for the librarian). Brilliant! The books are nicely animated and use the text from the game. Now I can catch up on all my reading without using up precious power gaming time!

Additionally, I just discovered the World of Warcraft Wiki, and have spent the last hour reading up on the "Instance grouping guide." I know I could use a few pointers, and as my main group will soon be high enough to venture into the Deadmines, this could come in handy. The wiki is a great idea for such a rabid community, I'm only surprised it's not more fully fleshed out. I may have to start to contribute (if nothing more than to correct grammar and spelling errors).