November Thoughts

October really just flew by, so I'm not quite sure where it went. Unfortunately, I was sick twice which is very rare for me. I still haven't quite shaken the last bout of congestion. That was a nice little gift from Chicago, which otherwise was a delightful trip. Check out my pictures on Flickr.

I'm having a hard time coping with the news right now, so it's been difficult for me to think of anything else. I've managed to refrain from ranting about my political views on this site, mainly because when I start talking about it I just get all worked up. It's not a pretty site. However, it is a good excuse for why I haven't written much lately. Let's just say that last year around this time I knew that I would want to crawl into an underground bunker for the next 4 years, and so far my desire remains intact, if not enhanced, by recent events. If you do peruse some of my Bloglines lists on the right you'll see where I'm coming from, told from bloggers much more coherent and informed than myself.

Anyhow, it's all gotten me very depressed and I've been feeling the need to escape. This calls for copious time in Azeroth slaying the forces of evil (be it Horde or Alliance), and the recent (quite belated) discovery of the Ctrl+Alt+Del comic. Reading the entire archives this past week was some much-needed hilarity. You'll notice that it and Penny Arcade have now joined my list of funnies at the right.


  1. Hee hee...Ctrl-Alt-Del is just SOOO addicting... (grin) Hope I can take some credit for getting you into them.

    I was sick right after getting together in Flagstaff, too - meant to ask you if you were sick around the same time - perhaps we were incubating at that time?


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