Console Wars, Part I

With the release of the Xbox 360 coming up in a few days, the competition for the champion of the next-gen consoles is coming to a head. Things are not looking good for the gamer, however. The Xbox 360 is expensive, complicated to buy (do I want the core system, or spend an extra $100 for the full monty?), and not many games will be backwards compatible - a real slap in the face for gamers who are JUST starting to build up a decent Xbox game collection. The launch titles are nothing to get excited about, either (well, maybe Quake 4, but still...).

The PS3 was looking pretty good until...Sony has just patented software that will restrict the number of consoles that can play a single copy of a game. In other words, once you put your game in your PS3, you cannot play it on any other console. Can't bring it to a friend's, can't rent it, can't buy used games, you get the idea. Have they gone mad? I ask you!

The Nintendo Revolution seems to be winning the game. Rumor has it that it will play EVERY NINTENDO GAME EVER MADE! Considering Nintendo's illustrious history, that is seriously saying something great! Battletoads, here I come! In addition, they have a revolutionary new controller that is intriguing to say the least.

I say Part I, because there will no doubt be further updates.