My biggest complaint with Blogger a year ago was that it was very difficult to post images. You had to either download some other software, or forward the pictures using Flickr. On the positive side, I got used to using Flickr, which is a lot of fun. On the downside, it was still difficult to blog pics.

A few months ago a friend told me that you could post pictures in Blogger now. So I'm just now getting around to trying it.

Here's my cat Charlie displaying his devotion to my shoe.

It's been a slow couple of months. I've had the chance to read quite a bit. I finally finished The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It took me the better part of two months to read it, which for those you know me is an unheard of amount of time to read a book. I really couldn't get into it. I know that this is supposed to be a great classic, but it is so rambling, the characters so uninteresting, and the story doesn't really go anywhere. I can't say I'd recommend it. I also didn't enjoy Crime and Punishment last winter, so Dostoevsky is not high on my list of must-read authors. Sadly, one of my student employees gave it to me as a graduation gift, so I felt obliged to finish the darn thing. Now I'll have to tell him what I think...

I've also read some much more interesting books by Bill Bryson. He writes rather funny travel commentaries which are great for some light reading. I read A Walk in the Woods, Notes From a Small Island, and I'm a Stranger Here Myself, all of which were fun reads. These I would recommend.


  1. The Russians were never one of my favorites either. There's just a slogging type of nature to them. Okay, I've only read A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (in high school) and The Gulag Archipelago, but I fear that they are somewhat indicative.

    Bill Bryson's becoming one of my favs too. I've read I'm a Stranger Here Myself and am reading Walk in the Woods. If you want another perspective on the English experience, Joe Queenan has his own travelogue called Queenan Country. A bit more sardonic than Bryson, but still worth reading. I have a copy if you don't want to shell out ducats for it.


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