You may have noticed that the blog has gone through a couple of new iterations this summer. Since I'm now a non-student, I have time to play around with this. I added some links on the right, including some of my Bloglines subscriptions. This was problematic for my limited html skillz in my old template, which worked slightly better on the temporary one. However, my links sidebar was exceedingly unsymmetrical, which I couldn't stand. I think this template should work better.

I'd like to point out a new addition to my subscription list - Tales from the "liberry". This is easily one of my favorite library blogs so far, I'd highly recommend it.

Another fun thing that popped up in my lunchtime reading was the Avant Game "Ministry of Reshelving Project." This is a very creative way to make a statement.


  1. Sweet web skillz, man. I hope your bowstaff skillz are as good as this!

    Seriously, though, looks great! Reminds me to get Bloglines' sidebar doohickey working on my site again. Once upon a time it wasn't compatible with Blogshares.


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