Well, I've done. I've graduated with my Master's in Library Science (though not entirely sure if U of A calls it an MLIS instead). Had the ceremony and everything, so it's official. Huzzah!

I don't think this will really sink into my consciousness until August, when school starts again and I'm not in class. Since I've taken classes the last 2 summers, though, it may be sooner. We'll see.

Now all I have to do is look for a new job, read, and play World of Warcraft!

I've already read Got Game and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a quick read, so I'd recommend it. Beck does a nice job of talking about business concepts without sounding snooty, and it doesn't bog down at all. I actually gained a little insight on why one of my subordinates seems to work in utter chaos - and I thought I could multitask!

Got Game certainly influenced me while reading Karen Joy Fowler's The Jane Austen Book Club. One of the characters is about my age (you can guess which one), and is relieved to find that one of the high school kids she teaches, while an avid Doom player, still faints during driver's ed videos (implying that at least THIS gamer will not shoot up the school). I was chugging along quite happily throught the book until this point, when I then had to exclaim about there being no real correlation between violent video games and violent behavior. So now I've relegated Fowler to the Boomer generation, who just doesn't get us Gamers. Foo.