End of the Semester!

Obviously, I've been on blogging hiatus for most of the semester. I think my main reason was not that I was too busy, but that I'm still trying to figure out the purpose of this blog.

However, purpose or no, I've just submitted my last big assignment for the semester, so I must celebrate! All that remains is for me to finish reading the last 20 books or so for my 100 in the next week. No problem.

It's been a difficult semester. I think I was spoiled with my summer class by having the pleasure of a professor who is both technologically proficient and obviously eager to teach the class. I was challenged and learned so much from that class (I'm still digesting, 4 months later!). Enter fall semester, 2 classes: 1 taught by a prof who is enthusiastic about the class, but it's her first online teaching experience, another taught by a prof who seems to know her way around the web (so to speak), but who is putting a minimum of effort into actually teaching the class.

Which is better? The class where the prof is eager to teach. She took suggestions on how to improve her online teaching techniques (yes, I offered quite a few...not one to keep my mouth shut), so that by this point in the semester, there are few complaints. The class was good experience and I feel like I came away with some good insight into Children's Literature (you might have guessed....).

My other class was so hard to keep involved with. There were so many problems with the class, I don't know where to begin. I think the biggest downfall was the fact that she was 1 month late grading our drafts for our big term project (worth 60% of the grade!), and when they were finally done, offered absolutely no personal feedback and referred us to a generic "Suggestions for improvement" for the whole class. Here was a class where I was genuinely interested in the topic, "Information Seeking Behaviors," but I feel I only learned anything because I read the textbook cover to cover. I've turned in my final project nearly a week early because I'm sick of thinking about it, and I really don't care about putting any more effort into it.

A professor who expects me to do well, who challenges me, and seems interested in whether I'm actually learning anything. That's my Christmas wish for next semester. I don't mind if the class is difficult, as long as there's clear expectations and a well-organized class. Thanks, Santa.


  1. Hello Anali,

    Glad to see you are back blogging. I have you in my bloglines menu. I enjoyed _Stiff_, which you had as a recommendation some months back. I took it on vacation in early October and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Good thing i'm not afraid flying -- remember the chapter on examining bodies and remains from plane crashes?) Sounds like you are an avid reader. Any other interesting non-fiction to pass along? Have a good holiday season. Stuart


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