End of the summer

One of the lovely things about living in Phoenix is that there are several mountains right in town. While I've lived here several years, this morning was the first time I've actually gone for a hike on one of them. You have to go early, since it's already in the 90's by 9 am. It's a very clear day today, and coming to a little rise on Camelback you have a beautiful view of the valley. Not much smog, very blue sky, very green grass and trees (okay, not as green as some places, but green for the desert), very pink rocks. It's a beautiful city. And I love the idea that you can just drive up the road a ways and go for a hike. I plan to take advantage of this more often.

Finally have reached the end of my summer class, so I have 2 weeks of freedom before the fall semester. It's funny to think of it being fall when it's the beginning of August, but in my head it's already cooling down to that perfect weather we get between October and May, the monsoons have made their presence known. I'm already planning on fall activities and all the new goals I have for the coming year. Another funny thing about students....August feels more like the new year than January. Goals I make at New Year's are likely fail, but starting at the beginning of fall semester is a recipe for success.

(Might want to take down my academic blog link, Kelly! No more academic thoughts on Decision Making for Academic Professionals) Perhaps that's an idea though. Don't be surprised if you see various posts on my coursework for the upcoming semester!


  1. It was a pleasure to be in class with you. As I get ready to delete the 613 list from my bloglines folder, I'm adding Grumpator because you always have something interesting to say! I won't run into to you in class anymore (I'm graduating!) But maybe we'll meet in Libraryland or on a Phoenix mountaintop (in winter)or just over a beer. My email is wendynik01@yahoo.com Drop me a line and good luck with the rest of the program.


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