Off I go to Wisconsin, the land of cheese. I'm looking forward to a comparison taste test, since I grew up in Cache Valley, Utah. No, I'm not an official cheese taster, they didn't have those jobs when I was 12. They actually didn't start those commercials until after I was already in college, or I might have applied.

Anyway, it'll be a chilly week for me, the 74 degree high for the week is quite a bit cooler than the 104 I'm used to. I expect to have to wear socks! What a concept!

Just had a few quick minutes and thought I'd post a little something.


  1. I'm quite partial to cheese myself. There's something so yummy about it. I think if I had to pick a favorite, I'd choose Havarti. It goes with everything. I'm under the (probably erroneous) impression that Wisconsin's specialty is cheddar, so you'll have to tell me if you see much there that's different.

    Enjoy the socks! Have a pleasant trip. :)

  2. The cheese was yummy, but nothing particularly fantastic except the delight of fresh dairy. Butter, milk, cheese, all good.

    I learned that Colby and Brick were invented in Wisconsin, according to A Taster's Guide to Wisconsin.


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